The Story of Stories

The Life-Stories project was originally conceived as a way to document on video the stories of seniors and the elderly – as a way of creating memoirs, histories and personal statements for their next-of-kin and future generations.

The basic plan involves working with families and loved ones in designing the interview plan and working on settings, backgrounds and themes for the narrative.

There are many possible variations in terms of conversation, dialogue, and interview styles, and one of our strong points is to let the process of the story unfold organically, with a minimal amount of intervention and structure.

Most story-tellers need to be part of the planning process, and need a little time and space to get comfortable with being recorded, as well as establishing a connection with the interviewer in a friendly, comfortable and familiar setting.

If the story-teller has special needs in terms of guidance, nudges or directing the conversation, this can all be built into the planning and interview to take place as naturally and as easily as possible. Conversation at Home

Many of our elders have some memory or attention impairments that we can work with in terms of keeping conversations on track. In working with families, friends and story-tellers, we can easily arrive at a location, background setting and dialogue strategies that will help us get the most out of our interview session. The planning process can take place easily with phone, Skype or email connections and the interview can be planned in such a way to make it easy and enjoyable for everyone involved.


Life-Stories can also be a documentation process for all and any significant life-events, such as weddings, anniversaries, coming-of-age, graduations, re-locations, ceremonies, re-unions … just to name a few. These memories and commentaries can be saved and savored for generations to come!


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