Our portfolio page includes snippets of our Life-Stories.  Here you can enjoy samples of the different expressions that Life-Stories can take. Feel free to browse; more will be added as time goes on. Thanks and appreciation for our clients for permission to use their Life-Story excerpts.


Eleanor and her family of feisty siblings grew up in Brooklyn, New York, in the 1920’s and 30’s.  She shared many lighthearted stories of her childhood years, in an impromptu performance in front of a hand-held camera!

This set of stories revolved around Eleanor and her brother Frank – who was the ‘wild-card’ of the family and who kept all siblings entertained.  Their antics as kids, in retrospect, were like a comedy show on steroids.   Remembering the humorous bits of anyone’s childhood can be extremely therapeutic!


James McLean was born in Glasgow, Scotland – to a poor family – in the late 1920’s.  He weathered and endured the circumstances of his time and became a “pattern-maker” for the auto industry, as well as serving time in the war military.  He worked as a coal miner in England for a period, and eventually became a merchant sea-man.

His work played out as a colorful, rough-and-tumble lifestyle spanning many countries, oceans, jail-cells and taverns!  Immigrating to Canada in the 1950’s, he played a big role in the early (and dangerous) days of the labor union movement and worked at various labor jobs.  As of this filming, he’d been “on the wagon” for 30 years (dry) and had outlived all his siblings.


Udo has enjoyed playing a major role in redefining fats and oils in the field of human nutrition.  In this portion of his Life-Story, he talks about his early years in the study of biology and how it informed his choices later in life.

Udo’s life has spanned many interesting and formative chapters, starting in war-torn Europe, spanning a childhood in northern British Columbia and culminating in a career that has taken him all around the world, and has touched the lives of thousands of human beings. (Thanks to Ian Lade and Entelechy Productions for assistance…)


Dennis Lakusta is a Metis artist, musician and writer (among other things), whose creativity has reached large audiences both locally and internationally.

He speaks about his own pathway, in finding and developing his creative styles, despite the handicaps of living in a society that often discourages the gifts of creativity and inspiration. (Thanks to Ian Lade and Entelechy Productions for assistance…)

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